Daring Origins: Guillaume Langlois

Tech Leader - Space & Dream

Guillaume Langlois has always been into technology. When he launched the Space & Dream lab after studying information technology engineering, the young upstart was sure of one thing: he wanted to set up an innovation space that would leave free rein to his creativity and allow him to truly experiment with technologies. “For me, it was like a high-tech art studio,” says Langlois.

After doing an immersive installation for Virgin Galactic to recreate a voyage in space, he realised that the visionaries of the world were looking for innovative ways to get their messages out. “We often dreamed up new tricks, then a client would arrive with a request. So we were able to make our ongoing projects align with their needs.”


“I think that success is defined by failure. You can’t have one without the other. These two concepts are two sides of the same coin.”

As result, the mission of Langlois’ laboratory was fine-tuned over the course of its projects. Today, Space & Dream is an innovation and state-of-the-art software company working dedicated to the creation of interactive solutions that are way ahead of the curve. These programs and software offer clients effective tools for communications, sales, marketing, education and entertainment. The possibilities for such things as interactive tools, mobile applications, projection systems and architectural lighting are (almost) infinite.

For this natural leader, the entrepreneurial spirit appeared over time. “Today, I can say that my entrepreneurial side is very strong and that I really like all aspects of management,” explains Langlois.

This technophile also teaches at Polytechnique Montréal and at Champlain College in Vermont because it’s important to him to pass on his know-how. For Langlois, this is also a way to stay abreast of new discoveries — and imagine the future in the presence of a new generation.

“In 10 years, I’m convinced that it’s a driver-free electric car that will arrive when you call a taxi. I also believe that there will be no room for storage drives and that data will be engraved in DNA. Finally, I think that we will gradually migrate to just one screen that will empower us to do anything. A screen that will be a window on the world, on infinity.”

Langlois doesn’t just dream of the planet’s future, he is also preparing for his own. He will quietly retire some functions in order to have time to get back in touch with his first love: creation. And not surprisingly, he already has a plan in mind. “I’ve been working on a new idea for two years,” he concludes. “A solution that could revolutionize the recycling of technological devices.”

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