Daring Origins: Myriam Elie

Jewellery Designer - MYEL Design

Some people’s journeys suggest that there are no accidents in life—Myriam Elie is one of those people.

It was supposed to be an uneventful flight: Montpellier to Frankfurt with a 24-hour stopover in Paris. But upon arrival, Elie noticed that her jewellery had been stolen. When she set out to replace it, she discovered a jewellery maker’s accessory shop right on the corner of her street. The young woman bought a few pieces, and started creating necklaces to her liking.

When her father-in-law, a dental technician, told her some of his work tools were the same as those used by jewellers, she ventured further into her jewellery-making adventure. This was in 2012, and without knowing it, Myriam Elie had just started what would become MYEL Design.

“Yes, life has set some opportunities in my path. But it was me who chose whether to seize them or not. I decided to go for it.”

At MYEL Design, each piece is designed and created by hand. Her idea of luxury focuses more on great craftsmanship and attention to detail than flash and flare. Inspired by art, architecture, and the countries she has visited, Elie creates unique, timeless jewellery that her customers can wear for years to come.

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