Daring Origins: Sarah Law

Founder - KARA Bags

For New York designer Sarah Law, founder of KARA bags, moving forward can only happen when we look ahead. After launching in 2013, KARA went from a relatively unknown brand, to one seen on the shoulders of influencers everywhere, thanks in no small part to Law’s fresh, fundamental philosophy: “I design handbags for girls that don’t wear handbags.”

“One thing that separates my brand from a lot of others, is that I feel like we are looking forward.”

Having been named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list, along with an ever-growing roster of collaborators and accolades, it’s no secret Law’s daring take on fashion is paying off. With so many brands focused on the past, or on what the competition is doing, Law remains focused on creating for the future: “I always like the idea of designing something that’s talking about progress, that’s moving forward.”

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