Cadillac Challenge

At Cadillac, the rallying cry of “Dare Greatly” influences everything we do, from engineering to innovation to design. But it’s more than just a philosophy: it is an ethos that has the power to inspire real, positive change. We believe that only those who dare drive the world forward.

The “Cadillac Dare Greatly Challenge” is our opportunity to live the true values behind the Cadillac philosophy. Over nine months, Cadillac employees will take part in a series of physical, personal and professional challenges that will culminate in a 1,000 kilometer bicycle ride from our Global Headquarters in SoHo, New York, through the Montreal region, to GM Canada’s Headquarters in Oshawa.

But the Challenge doesn’t end with us. We’re asking the business leaders and entrepreneurs who dare greatly every day to share their stories with the world. If you, or someone you know, is taking risks or challenging conventions in the name of progress, share your story with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #DAREGREATLY. Over the course of the Challenge, we will recognize and celebrate select members of the community, with the aim of forging long-term partnerships and collaborations.

To follow the journey, follow @CadillacCanada and watch for new #CadillacChallenge content. To get a first look at the exclusive footage of the Cadillac Dare Greatly Challenge, click here.

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