Daring Origins: Oliver Kult and Leandro Vergara

Barbershop Entrepreneurs – Maison Privée

Located in Montreal’s hip Old Port neighbourhood, Maison Privée isn’t your average barbershop.

Oliver Kult and Leandro “Leo” Vergara—cofounders and friends—wanted to redefine the men’s hair salon experience. “We had already worked together in another establishment, and we recognised that we both had the energy and drive necessary to launch ourselves into business,” says Vergara.

At Maison Privée, everything is sleek and modern. Clients can enjoy a hot towel shave and savour a cognac while listening to booming hip-hop beats. Open for just one year, the two young visionaries’ concept has already begun to grow. Maison Privée has been so successful that a second location on Montreal’s South Shore is set to open its doors this year, along with a clothing collection and line of home haircare products.

“We want to succeed at creating an empire that respects our tastes and our vision.”

 The pair complement each other well. With a clothing line already on his CV, Vergara is a true creative spirit. A design fanatic, he created the logo, designed the shop, and produced the website. While Kult, a hair stylist whose calling has taken him all over the world, has a knack for the client experience and public relations.

At just 23 years old, the partners have already had a good taste of success. Their advice for those who would like to do the same? “Think you have a good idea? Go for it.”

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