Daring Origins: Julie Hubert

Business Matchmaker - Workland

If you didn’t know the name of Julie Hubert’s business, you might think she’s a matchmaker.

Like a dating site, her company Workland creates computerized “matches” between employers and employees. Hubert’s web platform has candidates answer a list of questions about their preferences, their expectations, their needs and their desires. Then, based on their responses, an algorithm generates the best possible matches between candidates and employers.

So what was the spark behind the idea? In 2011, Julie Hubert left a marketing position in the food sector. “I wasn’t happy, and I decided to find myself a new job,” says Hubert. “The six months that followed were horrible. I did tons of job interviews, and I answered dozens of psychometric tests, only to realise, often after a few interviews, that the position or the company were not compatible with me.”

I was looking for a job — and I hired myself.

“They say that the world is constantly evolving,” Hubert adds, “but the job search and recruitment processes practically remain unchanged. You still have to send a resume that the company’s human resources department goes through manually. So I decided to get into business in order to help people like me find themselves the ideal job.”

Three years went by between Hubert leaving her job and the launch of Workland. “At the start, I didn’t have the foundations in human resources or technology, so I had to surround myself with talented people with in-depth knowledge to guide my project and help take my vision to fruition. This is also part of being an entrepreneur: knowing how to surround yourself with the right people.”

This energetic entrepreneur emphasizes that you have to be absolutely passionate about your idea. “It’s this passion that enables us to continue, even when the challenges are huge. Changing the world is possible and difficult at the same time. But having the courage to put one foot in front of the other, every day, and to keep going in the right direction,” Hubert says,“everybody can do that.”

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