Daring Thinkers on the Future of Design

On the eve of the unveiling of the Escala concept car, Cadillac Canada brought together a group of daring thinkers for a discussion on what the future holds for all things related to design.


International Artist

New York-based artist Daniel Arsham’s multidisciplinary practice challenges the line between art, architecture, and performance. From stage designs to fashion collaborations to virtual reality films, his future-thinking art pieces dare to reimagine everyday scenarios and objects in an otherworldly context. Arsham’s work has received global recognition, with galleries, brands, and theatres wanting to connect with his vision for what the future holds.


President & CEO, Design Exchange

Shauna Levy, President of Canada’s premier design museum, Design Exchange, is a Canadian cultural visionary. Since co-founding the internationally acclaimed Interior Design Show in 1998, Levy has made celebrating daring design, arts and culture her life’s work. Under her watch, the Design Exchange has been home to travelling exhibits from prestigious cultural institutions across the globe, as well as curated exhibitions featuring Canadian and international designers. For Levy, it is vital to show how differently we all see the world through the lens of great design.


Lead Creative Designer, Cadillac Colour and Trim Studio

As a child growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michelle Killen’s dream was to shape the world of residential and commercial environments as an interior designer. These forward-thinking sensibilities led to her current position as lead colour and trim designer for Cadillac, where she helps curate the finely-detailed environments of luxury vehicles for drivers around the globe.


Creative Designer, Cadillac Colour and Trim Studio

Thanks to her mother’s career producing the International Festival of Fashion and Photography Hyères, Laetitia Lopez has been in the midst of design industry icons and influencers since she was six years old. This early exposure to the best in fashion, art, and photography allowed Lopez to develop a design aesthetic that is equal parts discerning and daring. Her intimate familiarity with luxury materials also proved to be a great foundation for her work in the Cadillac design studios, particularly with the Escala concept vehicle. In fact, it was one of Lopez’ handmade macramé creations that became the catalyst for the vehicle’s unique metal-to-wood door décor. Her history of being surrounded by beautiful aesthetics has Lopez well-situated to continue helping define the future of automotive design.


Founder & Creative Director, Tech Noir

For designer Femka Van Buuren, the future of fashion is as much about execution as it is about making a statement. After earning her stripes as a designer for luxury fashion brands, Van Buuren began to explore how fashion pieces can be more than just something you wear. This daring approach to design led her to found Tech Noir, a boutique luxury fashion technology firm based in New York City. While other brands simply produce clothes and accessories, Van Buuren’s firm integrates wearable tech into their designs to create pieces for the future that are as functional as they are fashionable.

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