Daring Origins: Ismaël Gueymard


Ismaël Gueymard is quick to confess that for as long as he can remember, he’s always had a camera dangling around his neck. For the self-taught photographer, it was only natural that his passion became his career.

With his most recent photo project, Gueymard focuses on forgotten buildings from the height of the Soviet era. With no real mission in mind, he was guided by his love of Oriental European architecture. “This aesthetic has fascinated me for a long time. I find that all these places are intriguing, that they give off an air of mystery,” says Gueymard.

The surrounding nature is always an integral part of my photos. I don’t take conventional photos of architecture: plenty have already been taken.

He is currently working on END, his next exhibition, which will focus on brutalist architecture. The photos were taken over the course of his travels, with special focus on his 2014 trip to Bulgaria.

He plans to continue travelling as soon as the END show is over. “I would like to go even further still, and to push my physical limits. I plan to go to Central Asia to visit the countries that are even less known, like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan.”

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