Daring Origins: Dominique Nadeau

Food Curator - ZELOVE

Dominique Nadeau is a gourmet explorer and food curator, travelling the world in search of the highest quality products created by passionate artisans. Through her company ZELOVE, she brings her discoveries back to Montreal for the city to indulge in.

ZELOVE comes from the Greek word “zelo,” meaning zealous, and, of course, love. Together, the words represent Nadeau’s journey. Working as an accounting director, she decided to leave her job and follow her husband, a Greek diplomat, all over the world, for a chance to reinvent herself.

“The idea is to open up horizons, because today we live in a world without borders, in an era of globalisation.”

ZELOVE started out with an olive oil created in Greece, which happened to be in the middle of a financial crisis. Even though the venture was risky, she has no regrets. “Behind each product, there are growers, artisans, and beautiful stories. I created work for people who had lost their jobs,” says Nadeau.

Other products are currently in development, including a Hong Kong XO sauce. A true citizen of the world, Nadeau treats cultural adaptation as an enriching opportunity. “It’s a sometimes long but necessary experience. You have to know how to listen, observe, respect others, and adapt. We also learn a lot about others as well as ourselves.”

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